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Under this category you can register, log in, change your data, book your conference ticket or submit your conference contributions. Completing these tasks is explained below.

For questions please contact the conference office.

 Registration and account activation

Please register on this website and activate your registration.

For this click on registration, enter your first name, lastname and email and click on "send and verify".

You will then receive an email with an activation link. Clicking on this link you will be directed to the conference website, where you follow the instructions and enter your desired passwort. By clicking on "send and verify" again, your account will be activated.

 Log in and add your personal data

Click on Login, enter your email and password and then click on the "Login" button.

After a successfull login, you are redirected to the page "My Data". Here you should complete your personal data. At least supply data for "My Badge" and "My Address".

 Booking your conference ticket

Please click on "Ticket booking".

You will be displayed an overview of the available conference tickets.

In order to book a ticket please click on the shopping cart symbol of the corresponding ticket.

Click "My Tickets" to get an overview of your booked tickets.

 Abstract submission

Click on "Submit Abstract".

 Workshop submission

A workshop consists of several thematically focused individial contributions that should be from different institutions. The founder of a workshop submits it to the conference web system and then invites individual speakers via email using the conference web system. Individual speakers will then be able to add their contribution to the workshop.

To invite speakers, they have to be registered with the web system having an activated account!

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